Is it necessary to submit it along with your resume? No. But, it leaves a positive impression on your employer. Studies suggest that the most significant quality in a fresh hire is a strong job ethic, followed by a good culture fit, and then honesty and resourcefulness. Accompanying thank-you message, or an appreciation letter, shows you have courtesy and good work ethics. 

Accounttemps created a study in relation with HR managers and applicants. The study showed that around 80% of HR personnel observe the appreciation letter helpful. However only 20% of applicants submit them.

Guide in Composing thank-you Letter

1. Make it concise and brief. It shows you are sensitive in the time they gave you

2. Include a topic related to the discussion while the interview happened. It’s even better if it’s related to corporate culture. It makes the letter personal, and it shows a good fit.

3. Include Job position.

4. Watch over your grammar. Speaking of which, Grammarly is a website that offers proofreading and an excellent tool for writing.

5. Advisable to submit the letter a day after the interview.

6. Use a quick, short subject line like “Thank you for your time (attach the name of the person you managed to meet)” “It was nice to talk to you (attach the name of the person you managed to meet)”

7. Try to ensure your use of phrases it should express enthusiasm.

Template for a thank-you letter

Greetings (Interviewer’s Name),

Meeting with you (last week/day you met them) is definitely a career highlight, and it was fascinating in seeing how you are (insert something from your discussion that shows you as a market/industry leader) in our industry. 

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your minute. I absolutely loved our discussion (a particular challenge you stated, which is one of your best selling points) and how you would benefit from my background in the position of (insert work title).

If you have anything to ask from me, do not hesitate and contact me.

Thank you, (insert the interviewer’s name), and I wish to hear from you soon.

With kind regards,

(Your Name)