Make people find themselves asking this very crucial question more and more with each passing day. Needless to point out, if you were happy and feeling fulfilled at your current place of work or in your current occupation, you would not be pondering such a critical question.

Yet, the reason most people asking this question don’t just go out and get that dream job they always wanted to get, even though they are completely miserable where they are right now is that they let fear and a great deal of insecurity tie them in place to where they are at the moment.

Even if you don’t see yourself making that move from where you are right now to where you’ve always wanted to be, ask yourself this;

  • How long are you going to keep settling for less?
  • How long are you going to let a little fear of the unknown keep you from chasing a career you’re actually happy with?
  • You need to go out there and just claim what is yours.

One thing that can really help you take that final leap is objectively evaluating the pros and cons of changing jobs right now.

Some major advantages of going with your heart here include the fact that you get to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. You have the opportunity of starting that exciting voyage into new territory. You become excited to go to work and this positively reflects in your health.

On the other hand, some drawbacks you may have to deal with include the fact that you might not get the chance to earn as much as you do right now, at least, not at first. Also, considering your lack of familiarity with the terrain, you might have a lot of catching up to do.

All in all, once you have weighed these merits and demerits, simply make your decision and don’t look back!