The interaction among people has been changed from physical to digital social media has led the world to only one click. In this current century, our friends and relatives are only one click away from us. No doubt social media has many positive features but on the other hand, it has some negative points. In this article, we are going to discuss some negative points of social media or social networking sites.

People as Products

All social networking sites including Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr etc have made people a product. They see people as products not as a human because they have to sell their technology in any case, they don’t care about the health of the people.

Diminishing Privacy

The personal data of a person is not safe on social networking sites. Research has shown that our privacy is not safe and it can be hacked from our site.

Negative Health Consequences

If we start to use Social sites e.g Facebook, Instagram etc it can cause depression. Social sites are not very good to use the radiations from the screens of your mobiles and PCs can affect our eyesight.

Feelings of Isolation

When people start spending them all time on social networking sites when that thing happens they feel isolated. When the physical interaction of a social media addict ends with people he starts feeling depressed.

Other Problems and Concerns

  • The grammar and spelling of a social media addict become poor.
  • One of the bad problems of social networking sites is that it mostly shares fake news or information.
  • Frauds are happening due to the fake profiles on social media.
  • The physical health of the people has been damaged because of the decrease in physical activities.
  • Cyberbullying has become common due to social media.