Most companies prefer people with a work background. It is always nice to have a person with previous employment experience. But everyone has been on that spot where you were a newbie with no work background. You were hoping to meet at least one who will give you a shot in their business.

Now, don’t feel bad about being new. Those people with previous work experience may seem like competition but it is easy to move past them by leveraging your school background. The things you did in school matters too!

Dissertation Is a Huge Tool

Your dissertation may seem like a big requirement before you graduate college. But it is more than what it seems because it is a great tool in developing necessary skills that will be handy for future employment. During an interview, discuss your study in detail. Highlight important details like if you have interviewed notable people and things you gained during the course. You lack the needed experience but you earned skills that would be beneficial for them.

Give Importance To Valuable Skills

Aside from things related to your degree, it is always nice to surprise the employer with valuable talents that you learned in the university. You can discuss things like languages you learned, coding background, writing contribution, public speaking exercises, etc. These small things give the impression that you have the initiative to upskill yourself and not be enclosed in your field.

Understand The Job At Hand

It is good to have an employment background, but employers prefer someone who understands what they do. Great knowledge about the industry and how they operate will give you a great advantage. Research is the key, and do it before the interview.

Society Memberships

Your affiliations during college, such as clubs and college organizations, have made essential contributions to your knowledge about how life and society work in general. Most definitely, you have learned a thing or two on practical matters just by being a member of these societies. If you’ve become an officer, it would be great to mention that. Also, if you’ve helped in organizing certain events, that would also come as a plus. In a way, it counts as a job experience, which could become an advantage for you if relayed correctly.