How to Create an Anonymous Facebook Account

How to Create an Anonymous Facebook Account

As great and significant strides continue to be made in the world of technology and the internet, one thing that continues to give tech-savvy individuals great cause for worry is privacy and the massive risks that these advancements continue to pose towards the everyday internet user.

In the 20th century, no one would even be caught airing concerns about the possible dangers of the internet and how to ward and prepare yourself against it. This is primarily because back then, there was almost no such thing.

But as the internet as a whole continued to grow and expand, these risks began to present themselves with massive force. Sad as it is to say, the only way to stay fully protected here is to steer clear of the internet. But as everyone in the world today knows, that is all but impossible. The internet is in many ways a necessary evil. As such, the best anyone can do is to handle it with extreme caution and follow as many safety practices as possible to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

This brings us back to our original question; is there a way to create an anonymous account on Facebook? Short answer, yes, there is.

But you are properly wondering why knowledge of this is even pertinent. Well, allow me to explain in greater detail.

As has been sufficiently established, nothing on the internet can be exactly considered private. As has also been stated, the best way to do away with such risk is to stay away from using the internet. Since this is impossible for many, safeguarding those aspects that you do in fact use is quintessential.

Facebook is arguably one of the most visited websites in the world today. However, you should be aware that accounts on this platform are at a greater than normal level of risk. What you might not be aware of is that every single activity you take on the website, from sending a friend request to tagging a pal in a photo is completely and absolutely tracked by Facebook.

We leave it to your imagination to wonder the kind of havoc this could wreak should this information fall in the wrong hands or be used for something dastardly. If your first instinct is to delete your Facebook account, the truth is, you wouldn’t be going overboard.

However, if you choose not to go so far so quickly, there are some worthwhile alternatives you can consider. Essentially, you have three options at this point.

You could opt to simply,

  • Deactivate your account until further notice,
  • Cease all activity on the Facebook website and move all your actions unto the Facebook Messenger app, so you will be able to keep talking to friends and family, or
  • Get yourself a new and anonymous Facebook account to use to carry on your business as usual.

If you are wondering if you would be better served by opening an anonymous Facebook account, here are a few things to make yourself aware of.

Having an anonymous account on this particular social media platform has a lot of benefits. This is because it comprehensively protects and secures your privacy in a number of ways. As you probably know, a large portion of major social media platforms like Facebook are constantly under siege by hackers seeking to get the treasure trove of personal information that the company holds. Should they ever succeed, they would be able to do you no harm as every single detail they would have on you is fabricated and as such useless.

In addition to this, having an anonymous account effectively keeps you from prying eyes and poking noses. With this type of account, you won’t have to worry about friends, family, colleagues and coworkers stumbling on your posts or commenting on things you would rather they not even know about.

It basically provides you with that buffer you need to stay safe, yet fully connected.

Now that you have a functioning understanding of the various merits of setting up an anonymous Facebook account, the next thing becomes how to do so successfully and with ease.

All you have to do to achieve this is follow the simple steps highlighted below.

Step One

Get Yourself an Alternate Email Address or Mobile Phone Number

Before you will be able to create an account on Facebook, your account needs to be verified. Since you are trying to stay anonymous, you can’t afford to use your normal email or phone number. As such you need a dummy email or cell digits. The best bet is to opt for a virtual phone number for SMS verification. This saves you much time and stress.

Step Two

Begin Account Creation

Now that you have a foolproof way of verifying your new anonymous Facebook account, you can create your account the way you would a normal one. Keep in mind however that all the details you supply here must be fake. That means everything from your gender to your date of birth must be different from that of your real account. Also make sure you don’t grant Facebook access to your contacts under any circumstance.

Step Three


You can now start adding up people you want to stay in touch with on this new anonymous account.

Now, to ensure that your new anonymous account stays private and away from those you are trying to avoid, you need to do the following.

1. Access Your Privacy Settings

Make sure that you configure your privacy settings to keep your new account away from the eyes of other users on the platform.

2. Avoid Using Your Real Name

As you know, you went through all this stress so you won’t be discovered as yourself online. So make sure that you don’t use your real name on the new anonymous account.

3. Keep Your Details Inaccurate

In addition to the above, don’t fill in any of your real details on this new bio. In fact, fill in the exact opposite of the truth, to be safe. If you are male, you could fill your gender as female, for example.

4. Avoid Public Interaction

The ultimate key to anonymity is discretion. Choose who you speak to online carefully. This means you must refrain from doing things like tagging your old friends or commenting under their posts.

Again, the key to all this is making sure that you have a virtual phone number for SMS verification. Otherwise, you won’t be able to activate the account. So make sure to get yours.