East Asia is home to great young minds the world over. And when it comes to the ranking of the world’s top-performing universities, this side of the world also got a decent spot. Aside from excelling in the academic department, the architecture of East Asian learning institutions is also mind-blowing.  

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1.Peking University, China. This university in Beijing is so beautiful that most people branded it as a ‘Summer Palace.’ You can find a lot of beautiful spots inside the campus that reflects the rich history of China. Some of the popular hangouts inside the Peking University include the Weiming Lake, Boya Tower, and a traditional Chinese pagoda. 

2.Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. The best way to learn engineering and research is to enroll in this university. But aside from keeping its students lead the industry, the Nanyang Technological University also made tremendous efforts to make sure that they have the most beautiful school building in Asia. 

3.Kyung Hee University, South Korea. Beautiful cherry blossom trees filled the perimeter of this university located in Seoul. Students and foreigners alike drew to this university during March and the middle of April to witness the grandeur of the flowering season.

You can also find the replica of the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula inside the Kyung Hee University.  

4.The University of Tokyo, Japan. Another university that is filled with the magic of nature is the University of Tokyo. Some of the school’s greatest attractions include the yard of gingko trees (believed to be 120 years old), Sanshiro Pond, and the Yasuda Auditorium. 

These are only four of the most beautiful universities in East Asia. Your stay in these universities will surely be of great fun and self-fulfilling. But aside from the aesthetic side, don’t forget that the main thrust of these universities is to make you excel in your chosen career.