We often see in movies and TV shows that famous people like politicians and actors are being followed by a spy or a private investigator. In real life, famous people, star witnesses, and some other people are being tracked or bugged. But if you are just a regular person trying to tackle through life’s challenges, you might want to check if you are indeed being bugged or tracked. Here’s how to do it.

Be very wary of subtle changes

You should be wary of the changes that happen in your home. Sometimes, it is helpful if you have a photographic or eidetic memory. You can be very doubtful if your furniture seems to change in position. If you found some plaster dust, then it must mean that someone may have bored some holes in your ceiling or walls.  If you here some unknown sounds like clicks in a very quiet room, then someone might have placed some bugs inside your home. Remember that these bugs can be placed in the most unsuspicious objects.

Spies can also install a GPS tracker on your car. This will enable them to know your every move. It is recommended to bring your car to a shop, have it lifted, and be checked thoroughly inside and out. There is a huge possibility that the GPS tracker was planted on the outside, not from the inside. 

What to do if you are being tracked?

If you have evidence of being tracked or bugged, then you must immediately report it to the proper authorities like the police. They can force the manufacturer of the tracker to know who purchased it from them. We also see in movies that they destroy the tracker immediately after they have found it. But the proper thing to do is to keep it in good condition and surrender it to the police. It can be used as evidence if ever you will file a case against your stalker.