Getting into college is a complete transition. From the academic realm down to finding the right peers, you are left clueless. But despite some inevitable challenges, you must retain your composure. Do not forget that college is your last step to reach your dreams in life.

To provide you foresight of what’s in store in college, read the following details.

  1. Dormi-Story.
    One of the hard facts that you must accept in college is that you need to stay in a ‘strange’ room for four years or more. Whether you like it or not, you will stay in a dorm. To help you adjust fast with the new environment, try to bring some personal stuff to your dormitory.  Even pillows and teddy bears from home will help you a lot in acclimatization.
  2. Roommates.
    Now that you find the perfect dormitory, and adapted to the new environment, another challenge will be on the type of roommate. If you are lucky enough and got a peer that shares a common interest as yours, there’s no need for you to worry. However, if you encounter a not-so-friendly roommate, just learn to adjust. Try to find your common grounds and initiate the friendship. If the other person does not cooperate, might as well look for another room.
  3. Freshman 15.
    In the United States, this is a cliché. It is deemed that all first year college students will gain an additional 15 pounds after the opening of classes. Even if this is just a cliché or not, it is better to adjust. In other words, you need to watch your diet. Make sure that you do not overeat just to compensate for the energy you spent in the day’s class.  

These are some of the issues that a freshman student faces upon entering college. But don’t worry, as long as you use your brain, you can hurdle these challenges in no time.